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Classic literature meets classic gaming in Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure! This 2D platformer stars Jane Austen, English novelist, who finds herself in an 8-bit video game. The game runs on real NES hardware from the 1980s, and on modern PCs - Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Battle characters from Jane Austen's novels!
  • Explore 8-bit England!
  • Defeat enemies with a quill!
  • Restore Miss Austen's books to the 8-bit library!

A pre-release demo build is available now - download it below! The zip file includes both a NES ROM and a Windows executable. This demo lets you play the first two stages of the game.

The full version of the game is in development. We hope to release it later this year (2023).

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If you are coming here from the nesdev compo page for this game, ongoing work is happening under Bitwise Reprise LLC, and updates will be posted right here.


Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (demo 0487).zip 1 MB


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What's new in demo build 0487?

  • Fix memory usage issues in Windows version

What's new in demo build 0486?

  • Windows version
  • New jump physics
  • New graphics
  • New animations
  • New music
  • New player abilities: air dash, fireball
  • Updated maps
  • Boss life bars
  • New music and sound effects
  • New sound engine features
  • New title screen & ending screen
  • Credits
  • Options screen
  • Fading between screens
  • Larger NES cartridge size
  • Start with all abilities (demo only)
  • A bunch of bug fixes

I'm really impressed with the PC version! It's written from "scratch" (not emulated) right?

Thanks! That's right - it isn't emulation. The PC version is written in C, and uses a custom NES-like API, which in turn uses SDL2 for cross-platform I/O abstraction. I've been working on the NES and PC versions in parallel from the start.